Reclaim your self

Ever really thought about what the doctrine of original sin does to a person’s sense of self-worth and capability?  I collected these Christian sayings and letters and made this video.  Have a look. (Click on title)

Christian slogans and degraded self-worth

I deserve nothing

Coping with Family: the Leprechaun Technique and Other Holiday Tips


At this time of year it’s hard to avoid dealing with the differences you have with your family. If you are a “reclaimer” (reclaiming your life after being religious) who has been raised in a religious household, holiday times can be very uncomfortable when other family members are still devout.  Having worked through these issues with many clients, here are a few guidelines that might be helpful.

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Valerie Tarico speaks on Recovering from Religion

Dr. Tarico is a psychologist from Seattle and a member of Journey Free’s Board of Advisors. Her insights on religion and psychology are unparalleled. Don’t miss her book, Trusting Doubt, and read her blog, Awaypoint.wordpress.com. She also has a YouTube channel called Trusting Doubt.

Mark Twain understood Religious Trauma Syndrome

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)

“I am greatly troubled by what you say. I wrote Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn for adults exclusively, and it always distresses me when I find that boys and girls have been allowed access to them.

So Do You Believe in God?

By Marlene Winell, Ph.D.

I get this question so frequently, I’ve made a real effort to reply. To be honest, I don’t like the question because it presumes we know what those words mean. Here are some responses, touching on more or less serious aspects of the topic.

1. Which god? Do you mean Zeus, Baal, Athena, Shiva, Allah, Jehovah, or some other? If you mean one of those, then no. I am not a theist. I don’t believe in an individual … Continue Reading

Why being an animal is so important

This is a YouTube series of 3 videos from Marlene’s talk at a retreat, explaining why she thinks the most important thing about accepting evolution has nothing to do with the Garden of Eden.  It’s about understanding ourselves for who we are – animals. 

Managing Emotional Flashbacks

This article by Pete Walker is a good explanation of “emotional flashbacks” and complex PTSD, which result from childhood neglect and emotional abuse (common to RTS).  In essence, current stress can trigger old pain; recognizing the signs and learning to manage the emotional reactions is important for healthy functioning.  I think that this work provides valuable insights that coincide with my own approach with taming the “idea monster” and learning to actively care for one’s inner child.

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News story about dealing with religious families after leaving the faith

Casting Off , by Anne Bokma.

For those who reject the strict religion of their childhood, it’s not cutting ties with their church that’s hardest. It’s breaking away from their devout parents.

Even as a young boy, Peter Scott knew he was out of place in the Pentecostal church he grew up in. While everyone else was speaking in tongues and having visions and being filled with the Spirit, I’d be sitting there waiting for God’s glory to fall on me … Continue Reading