Member Comments

“The best part of being in the group was I felt like I had people who were ready at a moments notice to listen, understand, and support me. I also felt empowered by the fact that I could be an encouragement to them, and it felt really good to find ways to respond to others in the group.” – Carol

“There is great safety in exploring issues related to religious trauma with others who have shared similar experiences with the moderation and direction of an experienced professional. Marlene is skilled, intuitive and informed. She has a gentle but firm way of guiding a person through the healing steps and skill building needed for coping with the negative aspects of religious upbringing. ” – Drew

“It is priceless to be able to have people understand exactly what I’m going through, and many times they have dealt with the same situation themselves. I feel like I have a base of friends that I know I can go to with any struggle I am having. I know they will be there for me and help me out. It’s a great feeling. It’s important to know others are there at some of the lowest points in my life. It also helps me to help them out, too. I am forced to think about other issues that are brought up, and it feels good to be there for someone else.” – Kellee

“I’ve begun a wonderful journey to reclaim my life, free from so many religiously inspired burdens and with few regrets weighing me down. . . As a therapeutic group facilitator for Release and Reclaim, both with her online forum and special retreats, Marlene is generous with her time and patient with our group progress. Her clinical skills are refined and impressive. . . I found her book, Leaving the Fold, invaluable in my ongoing healing process from authoritative religion and other authoritative ways. Marlene uses the exercises from her book combined with her own understanding and experience which has really made me feel like someone out there does understand and can help.” – Frank

“This group has been a very important part of my recovery from fundamentalism. Knowing that I am not alone or crazy in the journey has been a great gift! Others’ stories, questions, struggles and insights have many times come across the net with perfect timing to encourage me in something I might be struggling with or questioning on any given day. I would highly recommend the group to anyone at any stage of questioning or leaving their faith.” – Anne