Journey Free Retreats

A Journey Free Retreat weekend is a chance to come together in a small group with the shared goal of taking steps to recover from harmful religion.  Led by Dr. Winell, it  provides a safe place to process experiences with the support of others who understand. The 3 day program includes presentations, discussions, and guided activities to facilitate both intellectual insight and emotional growth, providing a leap forward in one’s personal development.  Getting through the fear, grief, anger and stress isn’t easy but you don’t have to do it alone.

Retreat group outside

Together we:

•  Share personal stories.

•  Examine the effects of religious indoctrination.

•  Discuss the process of recovery and take important first steps.

•  Support each other in releasing toxic beliefs and reclaiming our lives.

•  Learn strategies for dealing with family.

•  Make new friends and build lasting connections.

•  Enjoy meals, music, and fun in a safe, relaxed atmosphere.

Retreat Video

Photos of Journey Free retreats.


COST :   Food and lodging for three days and nights:  $250

Sliding scale for program $275 – $425  (scale available)

A $100 deposit will secure a space. The deadline to pay the signup deposit is March 20. After this, the price of registration will go up $30. Financial need is considered and options available for financing. Those who have the financial means are asked to contribute what they are able.

Are you unable to come but want to help someone else?  You can contribute to financial aid scholarships by donating here. Thank-you so much.

You can read more about our Financial Policy here.


If interested in a currently scheduled retreat and new to Journey Free, please begin by scheduling a free 20-minute consultation with Dr. Winell Here. You will then be given next steps for registration.  You can also call Marlene directly at 510-292-0509.  You can get information and discuss the retreat at no obligation.

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