Our Financial Policy

We realize that money is a charged issue in our culture and most of us don’t have a lot.  We try to approach it as simply as possible – as a means of accomplishing goals.  Journey Free programs cannot be offered for free and neither do we want financial need to be a barrier to getting help.  So we’d like to work together with you to meet our needs to sustain ourselves while doing this work and also meet your needs to participate.  Consequently, we offer a sliding scale for our programs while maintaining a set fee for basic expenses.  We ask that, if you have the financial means, to contribute as much as you can.  Payment plans can be worked out as well if you need help.  We also encourage you to fund-raise on your own behalf.  Thank-you very much!

Our sliding scale levels, applied to various programs:

Level 1:  Under $35K per year

Level 2:  $35K – 75K per year

Level 3:  Above 75K


A 3-day retreat usually has a set Food and Lodging Fee of $250 plus

A Program Fee according to the sliding scale:

Level 1:  $250

Level 2:  $375

Level 3:  $425


•  Payment procedures

Payments may be made by check or PayPal, but checks are preferred.

We cannot take credit cards but PayPal does.

Please make checks payable to Journey Free.  Mail to:
Dr. Marlene Winell, 2001 Shoreline Dr. #303, Alameda, Ca.  94501

For PayPal payments, use the email address:    journeyfree.org@gmail.com
For retreats:  A $100 deposit is required to save a space.  Balance is payable a week before the retreat unless financing is arranged.   A $30 discount is available if the total payment is made a month in advance (without any other discount).

Additional financial support

We want to find ways for you to participate in our programs.  If it will help you to afford it, we are willing to trust you to make payments over time.  This is not an official arrangement with a bank and there is no collection agency so we need for you to be sure you will honor the agreement.  You can give us the following information when you register for a program, letting us know what would work for you.  If necessary, we can negotiate the agreement.

Payment plan for __________program

I would like to pay the _____ deposit now, and $________

every ________(weeks or months) for a total of _______

payments, totaling $__________.  I expect to complete my

payment for the program by ___________________ (date).

Again, for our part, we are doing our best to give you quality Journey Free programs.  The organization is not “non-profit” but neither is it a big corporation making money.  We do a great deal of educational and pro bono work to counter the negative effects of dogmatic religion in our culture.  If you do what you can to raise funds for your own participation, we really appreciate it.