The Election

This election has been understandably disturbing for many. We were worried Trump might win but the reality is worse. I read that Trump-as-sexual-predator has been triggering for women who have been abused. I think triggering is also happening for people who have experienced authoritarian men in spiritual positions of power (as well as other positions of power). Trump can be seen as a cult-like leader, such as explained here. Now we have a charismatic president-elect who was elected by a crowd that thought he could do no wrong. For those who have been in religious environments like that, the reminders are strong and upsetting. This is added to the other types of abuse such as racism and misogyny.

So, I know many of you can relate to this. It might be triggering feelings of past abuse. I urge you to be kind and nurturing to yourselves. Notice and accept your feelings. Realize that you may need to mourn. Spend time with friends who can be supportive.

It can also help to know that people are using their intense feelings to organize and work for change. One set of ideas is from Michael Moore. There are a number of articles like this at progressive websites like and Even if you don’t jump in and get involved, you can find these readings inspirational.